Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car, Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car (8 Solution Tips), KevweAuto

Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car (8 Solution Tips)

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You hit the unlock button on your BMW key fob and climb in, insert the fob and press the start button expecting the familiar roar of the engine coming to life. But instead, all remains silent. There are a few possible causes when BMW key fob remote start suddenly fails. Methodically testing components and sensors will help you determine or pinpoint the issue behind the suddenly car starting failure.

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Why a BMW Key Fob May Not Start the Engine

Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car, Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car (8 Solution Tips), KevweAuto

Here are some common reasons remote start can fail:

  • Dead key fob battery unable to transmit signal
  • Faulty fob antenna on vehicle not receiving signal
  • Start/Stop button failure or damaged receiver coil
  • Low vehicle battery voltage unable to crank starter. Corroded or bad battery won’t be able to crank the motor starter, which will in turn pull your car to start. A bad car battery should be looked out for.
  • Electrical fault with starter motor, neutral safety switch or ignition switch
  • Disconnected or damaged wiring between key reader and engine controllers
  • Steering lock malfunction not allowing ignition activation
  • Immobilizer/alarm system fault blocking remote start access. Faulty alarm system are key blockers that can hinder car engine from starting.

By probing the various electrical circuits and analyzing faults codes, the root cause can be identified.

Step-By-Step BMW No-Start Diagnosis

Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car, Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car (8 Solution Tips), KevweAuto

Follow these key troubleshooting steps to trace BMW no-start issues:

  • Try spare key fob to determine if main transmitter is faulty
  • Check fob battery voltage and replace if low
  • Verify antenna connection and placement on vehicle
  • Load test vehicle battery and charge if weak. Check your battery health and replace battery after 3-5years. Never wait for it to get damage before replacement.
  • Connect service battery directly to starter to isolate faults
  • Check for fault codes related to key, immobilizer, or ignition system
  • Test resistance of starter motor and cables
  • Examine key reader coil and ribbon connector for damage
  • Assess steering lock and shift lever positions
  • Scan for loose or disconnected wiring harnesses
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Methodically isolating the malfunctioning component facilitates making the proper repair.

Returning Your BMW to Smooth Starting

Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car, Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car (8 Solution Tips), KevweAuto

Getting a balky BMW starter working again involves one or more of these fixes:

  • Replace weak transmitter battery in key fob
  • Secure or replace damaged fob antenna on car
  • Install new start button assembly if faulty
  • Recharge or replace vehicle battery if low voltage
  • Repair or replace starter motor if windings damaged
  • Reset steering lock module if sync issue present
  • Address any wiring faults or loose connections
  • Update immobilizer programming if security fault found

Proper diagnosis ensures only necessary components are replaced or repaired to restore reliable starting.

Best Practices to Avoid Key Fob No-Start Problems

Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car, Bmw Key Fob Not Starting Car (8 Solution Tips), KevweAuto

Follow these tips to maintain key fob starting reliability:

  • Annually replace fob batteries before they expire
  • Keep antenna area on car clean and dry
  • Periodically clean contacts on battery posts
  • Load test vehicle battery every 1-2 years
  • Address pending fault codes early before they mature
  • Perform recommended maintenance on schedule
  • Use quality key fob protectors to prevent damage
  • Re-synchronize keys anytime issues arise

Proactive steps reduce the chances of getting stranded with a no-start due to key fob issues down the road.


While very convenient when functioning properly, BMW’s keyless start system can occasionally suffer glitches that prevent remotely starting the engine. But methodical electrical diagnosis procedures allow technicians to isolate specific faults in the antenna, battery, wiring or security modules. Making necessary repairs or component replacements promptly restores the convenience of fob-activated starting. With proper maintenance and care, keyless ignition systems provide years of reliable service. Don’t get left standing next to your dormant BMW – call on expert diagnostics at the first sign of issues.

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