Car Led Lights Exterior, Car Led Lights Exterior (5 Benefits Of Exterior Led Lights), KevweAuto

Car Led Lights Exterior (5 Benefits Of Exterior Led Lights)

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The standard incandescent bulbs that illuminate your car’s exterior could use some modernization. Swapping out dated halogen or incandescent bulbs for LEDs dishes out cooler style and practical benefits. LEDs bring brighter, whiter, more energy efficient lighting to your ride’s exterior lighting.

Upgrading headlights, fog lights, turn signals, brake and backup lamps can make your car uniquely yours. LEDs also improve visibility and grab attention on the road. But with the wide selection of LED bulbs and kits, picking the right setup requires some knowledge.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of swapping stock bulbs for LED exterior lighting and how to choose components that work safely with your car. Your ride will shine like never before.

Benefits of Exterior LED Lights Over Stock Halogen Bulbs

Car Led Lights Exterior, Car Led Lights Exterior (5 Benefits Of Exterior Led Lights), KevweAuto

Making the switch from plain old halogen or incandescent bulbs to LEDs entails advantages:

  • Brighter output – More intense, attention-grabbing illumination.
  • Whiter light – Crisp, modern color vs. the yellowish hues of halogen bulbs.
  • Energy efficiency – LEDs consume far less wattage or voltage for the light generated.
  • Longevity – LEDs last exponentially longer than conventional bulbs.
  • Durable – Solid state LEDs can better withstand vibration.
  • Stylish – Custom LED colors and patterns provide unique personality.
  • Effective – Bright, consistent LEDs improve safety and visibility.
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So LEDs deliver sleeker looks plus pragmatic improvements. Now let’s explore optimal configurations.

Best Practices for Exterior LED Lights

While exciting, swapping exterior bulbs does require awareness for safe, effective results:

  • Match bulb types – Ensure replacement LED bulbs match the corresponding bulb types and bases.
  • Consider light color – Stick to street legal white or yellow hues, not colored LEDs.
  • Check wattages – Don’t exceed factory bulb wattage or voltage to avoid electrical issues.
  • Install properly – Follow all instructions for correct orientation and adjustment.
  • Watch for errors – Ensure bulbs don’t trigger any fault codes or warning lights.
  • Buy quality – Stick to reputable LED brands using quality and compatible components.

With prudent bulb selection and installation, your exterior LED lights will work as intended without issues.

Popular Upgrades to Exterior LED Lighting

Car Led Lights Exterior, Car Led Lights Exterior (5 Benefits Of Exterior Led Lights), KevweAuto

While any exterior bulb can be swapped, certain lights generate the biggest impact when upgraded to LEDs.

1. LED Headlight Bulbs

Brighter LED headlights make nighttime and bad weather driving markedly safer. Just make sure beam pattern and alignment stay correct.

2. LED Fog Light Bulbs

LED fog lamps throw a broader, brighter beam to cut through inclement conditions. Choose wide angle, weatherproof LEDs.

3. LED Turn Signal Bulbs

Hyperflashing incandescent turn signals are fixed with compatible LED replacement bulbs. They’re brighter and longer-lasting LED bulbs.

4. LED Brake and Tail Light Bulbs

LED brake lights illuminate quicker for safer stopping. And they draw less power from the brake light circuitry.

5. LED Reverse Lights

Added visibility from LED backup lamps enhances safety when reversing at night.

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With full LED conversions or just swapping key bulbs, your car will illuminate the road and get noticed like never before. The lighting makeover can be performed one bulb at a time.

Avoiding Problems With Exterior LED Lights

Car Led Lights Exterior, Car Led Lights Exterior (5 Benefits Of Exterior Led Lights), KevweAuto

While enticing, low quality, incompatible LED bulbs can create problems:

  • Hyperflashing turn signals
  • Warning lights and codes
  • Electrical and fuse issues
  • EMI and radio interference
  • Poor light output
  • Reduced LED lifespan

Sticking to trusted brands that offer technical guidance avoids most issues. A methodical installation also prevents problems.


Modernizing tired old incandescent exterior bulbs with LEDs unleashes next-level performance. Select compatible and reliable, street legal LED replacements for a stunning yet functional lighting makeover. With the right components and attentive installation, LEDs bring eye-catching style plus enhanced visibility and safety. Your ride will shine brilliantly into the future with LEDs.

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