Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars, Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars?, KevweAuto

Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars?

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Maintenance costs add up quickly, so free servicing is a big perk when buying a new vehicle. But does Honda provide complimentary maintenance on their new cars and SUVs? The answer is yes, with some limitations.

Here’s an overview of exactly what maintenance is included free with new Hondas, for how long, and what restrictions apply.

Honda Includes Limited Free Maintenance

Honda does provide free select factory scheduled maintenance on new vehicles for the first few years or miles. This covers a portion of major service requirements to take care of critical items.

Typical maintenance included free:

  • Oil and filter changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Air filter replacement
  • Automatic transmission fluid service
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Drive belt inspection
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Cabin air filter replacement

Fluids, parts and labor are covered for thesefactory scheduled services when performed at authorized Honda dealers.

The Free Maintenance Period

This complimentary maintenance from Honda is limited to the first two years or 24,000 miles after initial purchase, whichever comes first.

So if your driving habits have you hitting 24,000 miles within 18 months for example, you’d miss the second free scheduled service visit.

Owners need to carefully follow the factory maintenance schedule to maximize the savings during the free period and not miss any of the complimentary work.

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Exclusions and Limitations

Honda’s free new car maintenance does not cover all service requirements. Normal wear items and any repairs needed are still the owner’s responsibility:

  • Brake pad and rotor replacement
  • Clutch and manual transmission work
  • Tires
  • Wiper blades
  • Wheel alignment
  • Steering and suspension
  • Air conditioning recharge
  • Navigation system updates
  • Any repairs or issues

Review your warranty information to understand what is and isn’t included in Honda’s complimentary maintenance program.

Does Acura Provide Free Maintenance?

Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars, Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars?, KevweAuto

As Honda’s luxury brand, Acura shares the same maintenance program on their vehicles:

  • Same services and schedule as Honda
  • Oil, filters, fluids, belts, plugs etc.
  • Free for 2 years or 24,000 miles
  • At participating Acura dealers
  • Wear items, repairs not included

However, Acura exotic models like the NSX have specialized factory maintenance programs tailored specifically to them that differ significantly from standard Acuras. Always consult your owner’s information.

Does HondaCare Extend the Free Maintenance?

Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars, Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars?, KevweAuto

HondaCare is an extended warranty product from Honda that also offers expanded maintenance coverage when purchased:

  • Covers vehicles after the initial free maintenance expires
  • Available in various terms up to 10 years/120,000 miles
  • Adds services like clutch, parts replacement
  • Requires HondaCare deductible payment per visit
  • Can be transferred if vehicle is sold
  • Prices vary by vehicle model and plan

While not free maintenance, HondaCare provides longer access to scheduled discounted servicing than just the first two years.

Honda’s Maintenance Minder System

Rather than fixed mileage intervals, Honda utilizes their Maintenance Minder system to indicate when service is due. It operates by monitoring driving conditions to adapt due mileage.

  • Dashboard light alerts driver when scheduled maintenance is due
  • Maintenance codes reflect type of services due
  • Uses factors like engine load, climate, terrain to adjust schedule
  • Designed to indicate servicing needs based on real usage
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Follow Maintenance Minder prompts for free service scheduling.

Honda vs Other Brands: Free Maintenance Comparison

  • Toyota – 2 years or 25k miles
  • Nissan – 3 years or 36k miles
  • Chevrolet – 1 year or 12k miles
  • Ford – No free maintenance
  • Subaru – No free maintenance

Among mainstream brands, Honda’s free maintenance offer is industry competitive but not the longest. Some luxury makes like Jaguar far exceed this duration.

Honda Extended Warranty Options

Once Honda’s free maintenance expires, owners can purchase extended repair coverage through:

  • Honda Care – Honda’s factory backed plans with deductibles per repair visit. Up to 10 years.
  • Third party warranties – Similar extended repair coverage through independent providers.
  • Certified pre-owned plan – CPO used Hondas come with a complimentary 1 year/12k mile warranty.

While not maintenance, these provide repair cost protection outside the normal new car warranty periods.

DIY Maintenance on Your Honda

Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars, Does Honda Offer Free Maintenance For New Cars?, KevweAuto

Home mechanics can stretch savings further by handling some items yourself after the free period:

  • Oil changes
  • Air and cabin filter changes
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Drive belt inspection
  • Fluid top-offs
  • Battery testing & replacement
  • Cleaning fuel injectors

Follow factory service intervals and procedures carefully when maintaining your Honda yourself.

Key Takeaways: Honda Free Maintenance

  • Two years or 24k miles of limited scheduled maintenance
  • Covers critical items like fluid changes, filters, plugs
  • Excludes repairs and most wear parts
  • Follow Maintenance Minder system prompts
  • HondaCare extends some services for a fee
  • DIY can supplement to stretch savings

While not completely free lifetime maintenance, Honda does provide vital peace of mind care for new owners if properly followed during the first two years and 24,000 miles.

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Honda does offer an appreciated complimentary scheduled maintenance program on new vehicle purchases. While limited to two years and 24,000 miles, it covers critical services to take care of essential items. By following prompts and diligently getting required maintenance done during this free period, owners can save significantly on servicing costs. While not every visit or repair is covered, Honda’s initial free maintenance helps new car buyers properly care for their vehicle while enjoying some dealer servicing savings.

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