How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, KevweAuto

How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?

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Leaving your car’s ignition on while the engine is off may seem harmless at first. But over time, this habit can drain your car’s battery and leave you stranded. So how long can you safely keep the ignition on before the battery dies?

Here’s a detailed look at how car batteries work, the factors that impact battery drain, and tips to preserve your battery life.

What Happens When You Leave The Ignition On?

How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, KevweAuto

Your car’s electrical system relies on the battery to power all the accessories and electronics when the engine isn’t running. Things like the radio, lights, power windows, etc. all drain the battery continuously when on.

So when you leave the ignition in the “on” or “accessory” position, but the engine isn’t running, there is no alternator to recharge the battery. The battery must power everything electrified in your car. This constant electrical draw slowly drains the battery.

Key Factors That Determine Battery Drain

Several key factors influence just how quickly your battery will drain with the ignition on:

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1. The Car’s Electrical Load

The more electronics running in your car, the faster the battery will drain. Things like headlights, heated seats, the infotainment screen and speakers use a lot of power. The more of these that are on, the heavier the electrical load on your battery.

2. Battery’s Age And Condition

A new, high-quality battery will tolerate a heavier electrical load and take longer to drain. But an old, worn battery with lower capacity will drain much faster. Cold temperatures also limit battery power.

3. The Ignition Position

Leaving the ignition in “accessory” mode uses less power than having it in the “on” position. “On” activates more of the car’s electronics and drains the battery quicker.

4. Time Spent In Ignition On

The longer you leave the ignition on without running the engine, the more it will drain the battery. A few minutes may not make much difference. But leaving it on for an hour or more can be problematic.

How Long Does The Battery Last?

With the ignition on and engine off, most car batteries will die within 1-3 hours, depending on the above factors.

Here are some estimates for how long a typical car battery will last:

  • Accessory mode: 2-3 hours
  • On position without headlights: 1-2 hours
  • On position with headlights: 30-90 minutes

These times assume a moderately loaded electrical system in good working order. An older battery or additional electronics on may substantially reduce these estimates.

Consequences Of Draining The Battery

A dead battery causes obvious inconvenience. But frequently draining a battery below optimal voltage also shortens its lifespan by causing permanent damage over time.

Signs of a battery drained by leaving the ignition on include:

  • Dim lights or electronics
  • Difficulty starting or a “clicking” noise
  • Check battery warning light
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A fully drained battery may lack enough power to start the car at all. Attempting to jump start after deep discharge risks further battery damage.

Tips To Prevent Draining The Battery

Here are some simple habits to maximize your car battery’s life:

  • Turn the ignition fully off when not driving. Don’t leave it in accessory or on modes.
  • Disable any electronics not in use. The radio, phone chargers, lights, etc. should be off.
  • Get a battery load tester to identify drains from accessories.
  • Disconnect the battery when leaving a vehicle in storage for weeks.
  • Replace the battery proactively once it’s over 3-5 years old.
How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, KevweAuto

Investing in a new battery and monitoring accessory use will ensure you can get the most from your car battery. Limiting ignition on time prevents losing battery charge and stranding yourself down the road.

Key Takeaways On Battery Drain With The Ignition On

  • Leaving the ignition on without the engine running drains the battery by powering the car’s electronics continuously.
  • Expect the battery to last only 1-3 hours with ignition on before dying.
  • The more electronics on, the older the battery, and the longer ignition is on all decrease battery life.
  • Draining the battery regularly shortens its lifespan and may leave you stranded.
  • Turn off ignition completely, disable accessories, and replace old batteries proactively.

Knowing how car batteries work and avoiding ignition on drain when possible will ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. Be diligent about turning the ignition fully off to avoid a dead battery down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Battery Drain

How long will a car battery last with the ignition On?

With the engine off, expect 1-3 hours before the battery dies, depending on electrical load. Accessory mode may last 2-3 hours. The on position may only last 1-2 hours, or less with headlights on. Older or weak batteries drain much faster.

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What happens if I leave the accessories on overnight?

Leaving electronics and accessories on all night with the ignition off will completely drain your battery in most cases. The battery will lack enough power to start the engine in the morning.

Does the ignition position affect battery drain?

Yes. Accessory mode uses less battery power than having the ignition in the full “on” position. “On” activates more of the car’s electronics and drains the battery faster.

Should I disconnect my car battery when storing a vehicle?

How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, How Long Will A Car Battery Last With The Ignition On?, KevweAuto

For storage lasting weeks or longer, it’s best to disconnect the battery. This prevents parasitic loads from slowly draining the battery over time. Just be sure to disable any security systems first.

How can I tell if my car battery is being drained over time?

Signs of a battery being drained by loads include difficulty starting, dimming lights, and a “check battery” warning light. Consider using a battery load tester to identify any drains from accessories.

How do I prevent my car battery from dying prematurely?

Avoid leaving electronics on when not driving. When possible, turn off the ignition completely rather than leaving it in accessory or on modes. Also, proactively replace batteries older than 3-5 years.


Whenever possible, turn your car ignition fully off when not actively driving. Just an hour or two in accessory or on mode without the engine running can leave you stranded with a dead battery. Be diligent about disabling accessories not in use and replacing old batteries. Following battery best practices will maximize the lifespan of your car’s battery and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

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