How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob, How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob (4 Key Solution), KevweAuto

How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob (4 Key Solution)

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Losing your key fob or having a dead battery can be extremely frustrating when you need to get somewhere in your Kia Optima. Fortunately, there are a few different methods you can use to start your Optima without the key fob in an emergency situation. With some preparation and the right tools, you can get your car started and hit the road even if you don’t have access to your fob.

Understanding Keyless Entry Systems in Kia Optimas

How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob, How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob (4 Key Solution), KevweAuto

Recent Kia Optima models utilize keyless entry and push-button start systems instead of traditional keyed ignitions. This means you don’t need to physically insert a key into the ignition switch to start the engine.

These keyless systems require communication between a key fob and the vehicle. The fob contains an electronic chip that is synced to the car’s computer system. When you press the key fob’s lock/unlock buttons, it sends out a radio frequency signal to a receiver module in the Optima. As long as the fob is within range, the doors will lock/unlock.

The push-button start also relies on this syncing process. The engine won’t activate unless the car detects a valid key fob inside the vehicle. So if your fob’s battery dies, gets damaged, or you lose the fob, you won’t be able to start the engine normally.

Luckily, Kia has equipped Optimas with backup solutions to get you back on the road quickly. Here are the most effective options for starting your Optima without the key fob.

Use the Emergency Key Blade

Kia key fobs contain a small metal emergency key that folds away inside the fob. This backup key blade can unlock the doors and start the ignition in case the fob’s battery dies.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Locate and Extract the Key Blade

Flip open the key fob casing and look for a small slot along one edge. Insert a small flathead screwdriver into the slot and gently pry out the metal key. Be careful not to damage the plastic housing when extracting the blade.

2. Unlock the Doors

Insert the key blade into the driver’s door lock cylinder, located on the door handle. Turn the key to unlock the door. Then, reach inside and hit the unlock button to open the other doors.

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3. Start the Ignition

With the key fob inside the car, insert the key blade into the backup slot instead of the normal start/stop button. It is usually located below the steering column. Push in the key while pressing the brake pedal, and the Optima’s engine should start up.

This method allows you to start the car if the key fob battery dies. However, if you lose the fob entirely, the key blade alone won’t work because the car can’t detect the fob’s presence. You’ll need to use an alternative method.

Use the Emergency Backup Receiver

Kia Optimas have a small backup receiver module located inside the driver’s side trim panel, near the hood release. If your key fob is nearby but not being detected, you may be able to boost the signal by holding the fob next to this receiver.

To try this:

  • Open the driver’s door and locate a small plastic notch in the side trim panel. Pry off the cover to expose the backup receiver.
  • Make sure your key fob is within 1-2 feet of the receiver module. Hold it against or extremely close to the module while pressing the brake pedal and start/stop button.
  • The receiver should amplify and transmit the fob’s signal, allowing the car to start. This bypasses any battery or signal issues temporarily.
  • If the engine won’t start, try holding the fob against the receiver for 30-60 seconds before pressing the start button. This gives it more time to sync.

This backup receiver method can provide enough of a signal boost to get your Optima running in a pinch. But it’s only effective if you have the key fob with you.

Use the Manual Override Slot

If your key fob is lost, broken, or completely out of battery, there is another way to override the keyless system. A mechanical override slot provides access to the ignition switch and starter motor.

Follow these steps to utilize the manual override:

1. Gain Access to the Slot

The override slot is concealed inside the center console storage area on most Optimas. You’ll need to remove the rubber mat at the bottom of the console to expose it.

  • Open the center console lid. Remove any items stored in the console.
  • Grab the rubber mat at the bottom and pull it straight up to detach it. Set it aside.
  • You should now see a round plastic cap. Use a small flathead screwdriver to pry up and remove this cap, exposing the manual override slot.

2. Insert the Override Tool

You’ll need the metal tip of your Optima’s emergency key inserted into the override slot to activate the ignition. If your key fob is present, use the hidden key blade. If not, you can substitute a simple flathead screwdriver that fits into the slot.

Insert the tip of the key blade or screwdriver straight into the slot until it bottoms out.

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3. Turn the Ignition Switch

With the override tool fully inserted, turn it clockwise like you would a normal key. This engages the ignition switch internally, powering on the vehicle’s electronics.

4. Press the Start Button

Finally, press the engine start/stop button as you normally would while depressing the brake pedal. This should crank and start the engine, bypassing the missing key fob signal.

The manual override slot is a last resort option if your fob is unavailable and the backup receiver doesn’t work. Just be sure to reinstall the plastic cap and rubber mat when finished to protect the slot from dust and debris.

Program a Spare Fob

How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob, How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob (4 Key Solution), KevweAuto

If you’ve lost your only key fob or it’s broken beyond repair, your best long-term solution is to program a new spare fob to sync with your Optima.

Modern Kia vehicles can store up to 8 key fob profiles simultaneously. So you can always keep an extra handy in case your original gets lost or damaged.

Here’s how to program a new or spare fob to your Optima:

1. Acquire a New Fob

You can purchase replacement Kia fobs online or from your dealership. Make sure it’s the correct model for your specific Optima’s model year. The fob must be new or recently reset to sync properly.

2. Sit in the Driver’s Seat

With the replacement fob in hand, sit in the driver’s seat and close all of the doors. Press the brake pedal down throughout the sync process.

3. Access the Sync Mode

Turn the ignition to the ON position using the mechanical override slot method above. Don’t start the engine fully.

4. Sync the Fob

With the ignition powered on, press and hold the lock and unlock buttons on your new fob simultaneously. Keep holding both buttons for up to 20 seconds.

5. Verify Syncing

The Optima should now detect the signal from the new fob. The dashboard lights will flash and the doors will lock/unlock to confirm syncing is complete.

6. Try Functions

Turn the ignition fully off and test that the new fob can lock/unlock the doors and start the engine properly. It should now be fully programmed and ready to use.

Always keep at least one spare fob handy in your glove box or center console. That way you have a backup if your primary fob is ever unavailable. Program all your working fobs at once so they are synced and interchangeable.

Jump Start a Dead Key Fob Battery

If your key fob is functional but the battery has died, you can often get it working again with a simple jump start:

  • Remove the small screw on the back half of the fob casing. Carefully pry apart the two halves.
  • Locate the round battery inside. Remove it gently with a small flathead screwdriver. Make note of the positive/negative orientation.
  • Clean the battery contacts and fob terminals with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. Let them dry completely.
  • Place a new CR2032 coin cell battery into the fob, oriented correctly. Snap the case halves back together and replace the screw.
  • Test the key fob’s buttons. The jump start should get the fob working temporarily until you can replace the battery properly.
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Jumping the battery is a quick fix, but you’ll want to swap in a new CR2032 cell as soon as possible. That way your fob will work reliably and have maximum range. Just be sure to resync and test it after battery replacement.

Preparing for Dead Key Fob Situations

How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob, How To Start Kia Optima Without Key Fob (4 Key Solution), KevweAuto

Having your Kia Optima’s engine start without warning due to a dead key fob can throw off your whole day. Avoid getting stranded by making the most of these preparedness tips:

  • Always keep fresh batteries in your key fobs. Replace them annually or when range seems to decline.
  • Store your fob in a Faraday bag or box to protect it from signal-draining EMI fields when not in use.
  • Keep your metal emergency key blade stored safely as a backup way to unlock doors and access the override slot.
  • Have an emergency override tool like a flathead screwdriver tucked in your center console. Make sure it fits the override slot properly.
  • Program one or more spare fobs and keep the extras someplace secure in your car. Consider stashing one in your wallet or purse as well.
  • Know the locations of the backup receiver module and manual override slot in your Optima’s cabin so you can access them quickly if needed.

Taking a few quick proactive steps will ensure you can always start your Optima, even if your key fob is lost or broken at the worst possible moment.

When to Call for Professional Help

While the do-it-yourself methods described here can get you up and running in an emergency, there are certain cases where it’s safest to have a professional take over:

  • If your Optima shows signs of damage around the ignition cylinder or override slot, take it to a mechanic to prevent further issues.
  • If you need to tow your vehicle while unstarted, call a service tech to ensure it is done safely.
  • If you believe your Optima’s security system, computer module, or other electronics may be malfunctioning, have a dealer technician diagnose and resolve the issue.
  • If you’ve lost your only working fob and don’t have a spare, cutting new keys and programming fobs requires professional equipment.

Your Kia dealer can extract broken pieces from the ignition cylinder, tow your car without additional damage, diagnose underlying issues, and program replacement fobs to get you back on the road quickly and safely.


Don’t let a dead key fob strand you somewhere at the worst possible time. Understanding the ins and outs of keyless systems in the Kia Optima allows you to get your car started without the fob in a pinch. Just be prepared, have backup tools handy, and don’t hesitate to call for professional assistance when needed.

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