Kia Soul Gas Tank Open, Kia Soul Gas Tank Open: 5 Steps To Troubleshooting a Stuck Closed Gas Tank, KevweAuto

Kia Soul Gas Tank Open: 5 Steps To Troubleshooting a Stuck Closed Gas Tank

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Having a gas tank door that won’t pop open to allow fueling can lead to frustration and inconvenience for Kia Soul owners. But understanding the possible causes provides insight into getting this hatch unstuck. This guide explores troubleshooting tips for a stuck Kia Soul gas tank door and steps to get it open again.

Knowing how to safely diagnose and address a gas tank that won’t open enables Soul owners to resolve the problem roadside or prevent getting stranded at the pump. Let’s explore the common causes and fixes to regain access when your Kia Soul’s gas tank won’t open.

Troubleshooting a Stuck Closed Gas Tank

Kia Soul Gas Tank Open, Kia Soul Gas Tank Open: 5 Steps To Troubleshooting a Stuck Closed Gas Tank, KevweAuto

When pressing the fuel door release results only in hearing the latch click but the hatch staying stubbornly shut, methodically troubleshoot the issue:

Check the Basics First

  • Ensure the release is being pressed fully and the lever or button moves as expected.
  • Confirm the vehicle is unlocked – many fuel doors won’t open when locked.
  • Check for any bulging or distortion in the surrounding body – accident damage can tweak alignment.

Test for Electrical Problems

  • Try operating the release from both the driver’s door and the direct hatch area. If neither opens the tank, electrical failure is likely.
  • Check for any severed wiring or damaged connectors providing power to the fuel door actuator.

Inspect Linkages

  • If electrical function is fine, have an assistant press the release while you watch linkages under the vehicle. Binding, detached, or bent parts will be obvious.

Assess the Alignment

  • With power disabled, manually override the actuator to see if the door itself is mechanically stuck or misaligned from a collision or corrosion.

Methodically assessing each aspect of the gas door system helps isolate whether the culprit is electrical, mechanical, or structural in nature.

Gaining Emergency Access to a Sealed Gas Tank

If troubleshooting reveals a stuck gas tank door that prevents filling up, focus on safe ways to open the hatch:

Use the Mechanical Override

  • Most fuel doors have a Bowden cable release accessible in the rear seat or cargo area. Pulling this cable manually releases the latch so the door can open. Refer to the owner’s manual for details on the override location and operation.
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Use the Hidden Trunk Release

  • Some Souls have an emergency trunk release that also allows access to the fuel filler when pulled. Again, check the owner’s manual for details on finding and operating this release cable.

Pry Open Carefully

  • Use a wedge tool like a slim crowbar or long screwdriver to carefully pry the stuck door from the seam, taking care not to damage the paint or force the panel.

The goal is safe access without causing costly damage. Use mechanical overrides first before attempting to pry open the hatch. Getting the tank open quickly reduces frustration and allows fueling until full repairs can be made.

Common Causes of a Sealed Gas Tank Door

Understanding what commonly causes Kia Soul gas tank doors to stick closed or fail to open helps speed diagnosis and repairs:

Faulty Actuator

Electric actuators operating the release mechanism can burn out or seize up over time, preventing the fuel door from responding to the release button.

Damaged Linkage

The mechanical linkage between the release handle and fuel door can become bent, detached or binding from road debris or collision impact.

Weak Door Springs

Door check springs that help pop the hatch open once unlatched can weaken over time, making the door slow to respond or stick.

Impact Alignment Issues

Even minor rear collisions can tweak fuel door alignment, causing the hatch to bind when trying to open, even if not visibly warped.

Corroded Electrical Contacts

Corrosion buildup on wiring connectors and terminals interferes with proper operation of the release solenoid and actuator.

Body Control Module Failure

On newer Souls, the BCM may fail to send the electronic signal to open the fuel door when pressing the release button.

Careful troubleshooting reveals the specific cause, making repairs more straightforward whether at home or in the shop.

DIY Repairs for a Stuck Fuel Door

Kia Soul Gas Tank Open, Kia Soul Gas Tank Open: 5 Steps To Troubleshooting a Stuck Closed Gas Tank, KevweAuto

For handy Kia Soul owners, stuck gas tank doors can often be repaired yourself with some time and effort:

Replace Actuator

Installing a new fuel door actuator restores function if the original unit has failed electrically or mechanically. Buy an OEM actuator for proper fit and performance.

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Lubricate and Free Sticking Linkages

Stiff mechanical components can be freed up by working penetrating oil into stuck pivot points and hinge barrels with a syringe, then manually operating the mechanism.

Reattach or Replace Detached Linkages

Assess detached mechanical pieces to see if they can be reattached or if replacement parts are needed. Check online parts diagrams to identify specific components.

Adjust Alignment

For minor alignment issues, shims or adjustments of the door hinges can help tweak things back into smooth operation.

While repairs like fuel door replacement, alignment, and corrosion removal may be better left to bodywork pros, DIYers can often resolve stuck gas tank doors themselves with some effort; just work safely at all times.

Preventing Fueling Hassles from a Stuck Gas Door

Simple preventative care helps minimize instances of Kia Soul gas tank doors sticking or failing to open:

  • Lubricate hinge pins and lock components with white lithium grease or silicone spray
  • Keep door seals clean and pliable to prevent sticking from dust buildup
  • Rinse salt accumulation frequently in winter to prevent corrosion
  • Avoid forcing a stuck door – overridden components can bend or break
  • Have alignment checked after collisions or impacts near the fuel door
  • Fix any failed or binding mechanical components promptly
  • Maintain clean electrical contacts in latch releases and actuator plugs
  • Consider replacing old/worn gas tank door components before they seize up

With attentive inspection and preventative lubrication, you can keep your Soul’s gas tank door operating smoothly for fewer fueling hassles.

How to Open the Gas Tank on a Kia Soul Manually

If the electronic fuel door release fails on your Kia Soul, don’t worry – there are methods to manually open the stuck gas tank:

Locate the Mechanical Release Cable

Almost all vehicles have a manual mechanical override cable to pop the fuel door open in an emergency. The Soul’s release is under the rear seat bottom – consult the owner’s manual for specific location details.

Identify the Hidden Trunk Release

Some Soul models have an emergency trunk release cable that also allows access to the fuel filler. It may be near the cargo area floor – check your manual.

Press and Hold the Fuel Door Switch

If the release button itself is functional, press and hold it for 10+ seconds – this may trigger the latch even with other issues.

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Carefully Wedge and Pry the Door Open

Using a soft trim tool, work the panel open from the seam without damaging the paint or forcing the components. Take care around behind gas tank flanges.

Have Alignment Adjusted

If prying gains access, visit a body shop soon after to have proper fuel door alignment restored so the problem doesn’t repeat. Misaligned doors need professional adjustment.

With the right tools and care, you can overcome a gas tank door failure quickly to fuel up as needed. But be sure to follow up with repairs to address the root cause – whether an actuator, linkage or alignment problem – for smooth long term operation.

How Can I Prevent My Kia Soul Gas Tank From Sticking?

Kia Soul Gas Tank Open, Kia Soul Gas Tank Open: 5 Steps To Troubleshooting a Stuck Closed Gas Tank, KevweAuto

Simple routine maintenance helps minimize the chances of troublesome gas tank access failures on your Kia Soul:

  • Lubricate hinge pins and mechanical linkages with white lithium grease every 1-2 years
  • Ensure door seals stay clean and lubricated – don’t let dust buildup cause sticking
  • Rinse salt accumulation during winter months to prevent corrosion
  • Avoid forcing the door – stickiness means components need lubrication
  • Have alignment inspected following any rear collisions
  • Listen for actuator grinding or weakening and replace early
  • Keep an eye on linkages under the vehicle for damage from road debris
  • Maintain clean electrical contacts in door switches, actuators etc
  • Consider replacing aging fuel door components prior to seizing

While sticking issues can still occur eventually, attentive preventative care reduces the chances of gas tank access hassles. Catching problems early and lubricating often is key to keeping your Soul’s fuel door operating smoothly long term.


Few things are more annoying than pressing a fuel door release only to find the gas tank hatch stubbornly stuck shut on your Kia Soul. But understanding the likely causes like worn actuators, damaged mechanical links, and alignment tweaks allows smart troubleshooting and emergency access. Carry lubricant and soft pry tools to release a stuck door safely if needed. But do follow up with repairs for smooth long term operation, whether replacing parts yourself or seeking shop adjustments. With attentive preventative care and prompt response to any sticking issues, fueling frustrations due to a sealed gas tank can be minimized.

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