Steering Wheel Not Locked And Car Won't Start, Steering Wheel Not Locked And Car Won’t Start [5 Solution To This], KevweAuto

Steering Wheel Not Locked And Car Won’t Start [5 Solution To This]

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You hop in your car, go to crank the engine, and nothing happens. The steering wheel didn’t lock like normal and now the car won’t start. This unexpected problem can be frustrating and leave you scrambling to get to work on time. What causes an unlocked steering column and prevent your car from starting?

The Purpose of a Locked Steering Wheel

Modern cars have a steering lock system that engages whenever you turn off the ignition. This locking mechanism connects to the steering column and prevents the wheel from being able to turn freely.

It acts as an anti-theft device by not allowing the steering wheel to rotate without the proper key. Think of it like locking the front door to your house – it secures access and prevents unwanted entry.

This system also interlocks with the starter motor circuit. When engaged, it cuts power to the starter to prevent cranking and ignition if someone tries to force the wheel to turn without the key.

So having an unlocked steering column and non-starting engine is an indicator that something isn’t functioning correctly in this important system.

Common Causes Behind An Unlocked Steering Column

Steering Wheel Not Locked And Car Won't Start, Steering Wheel Not Locked And Car Won’t Start [5 Solution To This], KevweAuto

There are a few common issues that can lead to problems with the steering lock engaging and prevent your engine from being able to start. Here are some of the most likely causes:

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1. Faulty Ignition Switch

The ignition switch itself contains small internal contacts that activate the steering lock when turned to the off position. If these contacts become dirty, damaged, or worn out, they may not be making the proper connection for the lock to trigger.

2. Damaged Locking Pin

A small locking pin extends from the ignition switch into the steering column to physically prevent rotation. If this pin is broken, bent, or otherwise compromised, it can’t engage the wheel like it should.

3. Blown Steering Lock Fuse

There is an electrical fuse providing power to the steering lock system. If this fuse is blown from a surge, short, or overload, the lock won’t have the juice to activate.

4. Disconnected or Cut Wiring

Problems with wiring like broken connectors, damaged insulation, or cut wires interrupting the current flow to the locking actuator can also prevent lock engagement.

5. Mechanical Binding

If parts of the steering column have become excessively tight, bent, or damaged internally, mechanical binding may physically prevent the lock from being able to move into position properly.

Disengaging the Steering Lock Manually

If your steering column hasn’t locked, don’t force it or try to drive the vehicle. Doing so risks damage. The proper procedure is to manually re-enable the lock so the car will start normally.

Here are the steps for manual lock reset:

  1. Turn the steering wheel gently side to side to relieve any pressure. Don’t force it if a lot of resistance is felt.
  2. While gently jiggling the wheel, turn the ignition key all the way to the accessory position. DO NOT try to start the engine.
  3. With the key still in accessory, press and hold the brake pedal for 60 seconds. This will deactivate the electric power assist.
  4. Still pressing the brake, now turn the ignition fully to the OFF position.
  5. Release the brake, pause 5 seconds, then press the brake again and turn the key to START.
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This sequence cycles all the electrical components and gets the anti-theft system to properly re-engage the steering lock. Then you can attempt normal starting.

What to Do If Manual Reset Fails

If manually walking through the lockout reset does NOT successfully get the steering wheel to lock and allow starting, further diagnosis and repair is needed. Here are next steps to get your vehicle running again:

  • Try a backup key or spare key if available – it may engage the mechanism properly
  • Have the battery tested – weak/dead batteries often can’t supply enough current
  • Check all fuses related to ignition and steering lock systems
  • Inspect wiring harnesses and connectors on the steering column
  • Have ignition switch tested – worn contacts will prevent lock activation
  • Replace ignition switch if faulty or damaged
  • Inspect steering column locking pin functionality
  • Ensure starter relay and circuits are operating normally
  • Fix any breaks or damage in detection wiring

Addressing the underlying fault, whether it’s electrical or mechanical, will get everything interacting properly so the wheel locks, starter engages, and car starts normally again.

Preventing Future Unlocked Steering Issues

Once the specific problem is fixed, you can take some proactive steps to help prevent a recurrence of the steering lock failing to activate:

  • Lubricate ignition switch and locking pin with appropriate cleaner/lube
  • Check and secure any loose wiring connections
  • Install dielectric grease in connectors to avoid corrosion
  • Replace worn ignition switch and locks
  • Ensure proper battery maintenance and preventive replacement
  • Address any developing mechanical issues in the steering early

Staying on top of routine maintenance helps keep all electrical and mechanical components in proper working order. Then the anti-theft steering lock and interlock system can continue functioning reliably for years to come.

Driving With An Unlocked Steering Column

If your steering hasn’t locked, it’s important NOT to attempt driving the vehicle regardless. An unlocked wheel poses significant safety hazards:

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1. Loss of Control

Unwanted wheel movement during driving could cause sudden veering or loss of control.

2. No Turn Signals

Turn signals may be inoperable without the proper ignition reference signals.

3. Starter Engagement

Bumps can engage starter, either stalling car or causing jump starting.

4. Increased Crash Risk

Free moving steering wheel increases dangers if airbag were to deploy.

5. Theft Risk

Steering Wheel Not Locked And Car Won't Start, Steering Wheel Not Locked And Car Won’t Start [5 Solution To This], KevweAuto

Vehicle can roll away or be easily stolen if steering isn’t secured.

While inconvenient, having your car immobile due to an unlocked steering column is vastly preferable to experiencing catastrophic failures or accidents from attempting to drive it in that condition.

When To Call A Professional

For simple issues like dead batteries or blown fuses, DIY repairs may do the trick to re-enable a stuck steering lock. But if you’ve worked through all the common remedies without success, don’t delay in seeking professional assistance.

Seeking out a trusted mechanic is advised if:

  • No obvious electrical or fuse faults are found
  • The manual lock reset procedure fails
  • Lock problems recur despite your best efforts

With the expertise to diagnose complex issues, the right shop can accurately identify any underlying problems. This ensures you get the exact failed parts repaired or replaced so your vehicle’s important anti-theft functions resume working properly.


Don’t ignore an unlocked steering situation, even if running late. Taking a few minutes to attempt to reactivate the system properly or call for assistance can save you from much larger headaches down the road.

Getting any electrical gremlins or mechanical defects addressed promptly will allow you to get on your way with the peace of mind that your steering lock and ignition system is functioning reliably. Your vehicle security and safety depends on it!

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