Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car, Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car – 13 Troubleshooting Guide, KevweAuto

Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car – 13 Troubleshooting Guide

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You hop into your car, connect your phone to play music, and suddenly… silence. No tunes stream through the speakers. Your Bluetooth has mysteriously stopped working.

This common car audio annoyance can have many causes. But don’t despair. With some handy troubleshooting, you can get your in-vehicle Bluetooth music streaming working again. The article will walk you through on how to resolve Bluetooth failure in your car, by following this 13 troubleshooting guidelines.

Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car: 13 Troubleshooting Guidelines

Here are the most likely causes and fixes when Bluetooth audio won’t play in your car.

1. Ensure Devices are Paired

Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car, Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car – 13 Troubleshooting Guide, KevweAuto

Before troubleshooting deeper issues, first check your car’s Bluetooth is actively paired with your phone.

Go to your phone’s Settings and ensure your car’s system appears under Paired Devices or Connected Devices. You may have to manually delete the pairing and re-pair the phone.

Also check the settings in your car’s infotainment system. Make sure it shows your phone as connected. Re-initiate pairing from your car head unit if needed.

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Both devices must have an active pairing for Bluetooth streaming to work. Reset connections if the pairing got corrupted.

2. Check Playback Source

In your car’s audio settings, verify the source is set to Bluetooth streaming and not defaulted to FM radio or AUX input.

Switch to the Bluetooth or Media source, then try playing audio from your phone again. If the source was incorrect, the music should now stream.

3.Update Phone Operating System

Outdated phone software can disrupt Bluetooth connections. Install any pending OS updates on your mobile device.

Updates often contain bug fixes and performance improvements for Bluetooth connectivity issues. An OS update could resolve quirky streaming behavior.

4. Reset Network Settings

Try resetting your phone’s network settings to factory default. This will clear any corrupted Bluetooth settings and reboot its networking capabilities.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Be aware this will forget all Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth pairings, so you’ll have to reconnect devices.

5. Check Bluetooth Audio Codec

Bluetooth streaming uses a codec to compress and transmit audio signals between devices. If your phone and car use mismatched codecs, music may fail to play.

Ensure both support at least an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) codec for stereo music. The newer aptX codec provides higher audio quality. Update either device if needed.

6. Disable Battery Optimization

Battery optimization features that restrict apps running in the background could disrupt Bluetooth music apps.

Dig into your smartphone’s battery settings. For Spotify or other streaming apps, choose “Don’t Optimize” to let them run unfettered.

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7. Unpair Other Devices

Too many paired Bluetooth devices on your phone can cause connectivity problems. Delete unused pairings in your settings to rule out this interference.

Start fresh by removing accessory connections for headphones, speakers, watches, etc. Re-pair just your car afterward.

8. Check Audio Focus

Simultaneously running navigation guidance, phone calls, and music through Bluetooth can cause conflicts.

Pause other audio sources to let your music player grab full audio focus and start streaming correctly. Don’t overload the Bluetooth channel.

9. Adjust Bluetooth Antenna

Some vehicles have the Bluetooth antenna located in the rear window. Tinted windows or rear sunshades could block signal strength.

Try removing tints/shades and see if reception and streaming improves. Relocating the antenna may ultimately be needed.

10. Replace Antenna if Faulty

Like any antenna, Bluetooth antennas in cars can fail over time. Faulty connections cause dropped streaming audio.

Inspect the antenna for damage or loose plugs. Replace defective in-car Bluetooth antennas to restore wireless range and stability.

11. Update In-Car Software

Buggy infotainment software in the vehicle’s head unit can disrupt Bluetooth music playback.

Check your automaker’s website to see if any software updates are available for your car model and year. Newer versions may fix Bluetooth issues.

12. Try Wiring Phone Directly

To isolate the problem, try playing music through a direct wired connection instead of Bluetooth.

Use the charging cable that came with your phone and plug it into the USB port in your car’s console. If the music plays properly when wired, the issue lies with the wireless Bluetooth system.

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13. Reset Infotainment System

As a last resort, check your owner’s manual on how to reset your car’s infotainment unit back to factory default settings.

This will erase all saved device connections but often resolves glitchy media issues like Bluetooth streaming problems.

When to Call a Professional

Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car, Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In Car – 13 Troubleshooting Guide, KevweAuto

If you’ve methodically tried all troubleshooting tips with no success, it may be time to take your car into repair shop. Describe the Bluetooth streaming issues in detail.

Dealerships and mobile audio specialists can run computer diagnostics on the car’s infotainment, update firmware, and test wiring. They also have access to proprietary repair tools and software to pinpoint stubborn Bluetooth problems.

Professional help avoids wasting time with ineffective DIY fixes when the issues stem from deeper electrical gremlins.


Bluetooth music cutting out in your car is frustrating but solvable. Run through these common troubleshooting steps:

  • Check active phone and car Bluetooth pairings
  • Update phone and car software
  • Reset Bluetooth connections
  • Reduce paired devices and audio sources
  • Test different codecs
  • Adjust antenna placement
  • Replace faulty antenna if needed
  • Try a wired connection to isolate issue

Don’t pound the dashboard in anger next time your tunes suddenly stop. Methodically work through these Bluetooth fixes until your music plays smoothly again during every drive.

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